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Twin Paradox in Relativity

Twin Paradox in Relativity

An observer who departs from an inertial system and then returns after moving relative to that system will always find his or her clocks slow compared with clocks that stayed in the system…

How do Cosmic Ray Showers Occur?

How do Cosmic Ray Showers Occur ?

The primary cosmic ray particles mostly protons, some alpha-particles and a few heavier nuclei interact with the nuclei of atmospheric gases giving rise to secondary cosmic rays…

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What are cosmic rays?

What are Cosmic Rays?

Cosmic rays consist of high energy atomic nuclei, mainly. protons reaching our earth from outer space as well as secondary radiation produced by these nuclei in the earth’s atmosphere. Most of these…

How a laser works step by step

How a laser works step by step?

The light emitted from a conventional light source (like a sodium lamp) is said to be incoherent because the radiation emitted from different atoms do

The Discovery of Neutron

How was a neutron discovered in the atom?

Neutron is one of the fundamental particles constituting the nuclei of the atoms. It is a neutral particle having a mass 1.00898 atomic mass units – nearly equal to that of the proton. It is a spin 1/2 particle and…

How X-Rays works?

The photoelectric effect provides convincing evidence that photons. of light can transfer energy to electrons. ls the inverse process also possible? That is, can part or all of the kinetic energy of a…